Which payment methods are supported?

-You can purchase the match via PayPal or credit/debit/prepaid cards. Only VISA, Mastercard, Maestro are accepted at this point.

Can I watch the match from Greece?

-Yes, the match against Panetolikos is available for all PAOK’s and football’s fans, wherever they are. In and out of Greece.

Do I need to create an account at tv.paokfc.gr?

-Yes, because your personal account is your ID and your guarantee for watching the match, it is the way to be identified by the platform.

How exactly can I watch the match?

-You go to tv.paokfc.gr and press the button “WATCH NOW”. In the next screen you click the option “PAYPERVIEW”. You choose the way of payment, either with PayPal or with card by clicking the Payment with Bank button.

By using PayPal, if you have an account you just login to pay. If you don’t have an account, you create a new one and fill in all your data and press the button Agree and Pay.

By clicking the Payment with Bank button, you are transferred to a secure location of Pireus Bank. You check that the upper left in the address bar shows Piraeus Bank S.A [GR] and the URL starts with paycenter.piraeusbank.gr. You choose Cards or Master pass (if you have the service enabled), fill in the data that are required and then press the PAY button.

Can I log in with my account in more than one device?

-Your account can only be used in one device at a time. If you want, you can also change device. You will need to log off from your account first and then log in to your new device.

I finished the payment, I pressed the button Go to video, but it shows that I have to pay to watch the video. What do I do?

-It takes about 1 to 5 minutes for the payment to be transferred to the system through PayPal, depending on the bank and card you used. So, if you wait and press Refresh the video which you have paid for will be available.

I try to login and it says that someone else is logged in this account.

-You contact the PAOK TV support immediately in order to help you fix any technical problem. It is a known issue that can be resolved in no time.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

-You click on the button Sign in, then choose “forgot your password?” and fill in the email you used to create the account. A link will be sent to your email, you ‘ll click it and you’ll be transferred to the create a new password screen.

Will I be able to watch it on any of those free streams?

-It is possible to find a stream that operates against our team’s interests, but in bad quality and for a few minutes before it is shut down from our associate, Media Stalker, which is responsible for piracy issues. In our effort for fighting piracy we need you as teammates. If you notice an illegal link or stream you can let us know at [email protected].

I want to buy more than once the match in order to use multiple devices at the same time, is it possible?

-If you are interested in making multiple purchases you can send your request to [email protected] and they will guide you to the procedure that must be done in order to buy special coupons. Every coupon, however, MUST correspond to a different account in order to secure the purchase’s safety.

Will it be a regular TV production?

-Yes, the transmission of the match will be done in European standards on a TV production level. The match will be covered with eight cameras and one super slow motion, there will be a live pregame show from Toumba with interviews from the protagonists and also a post game show with the players’ and coaches’ first reactions.

I’m troubled with the internet’s speed. Will I have a problem?

-With a fundamental good internet connection and speed over 4Mbps you will have absolutely no problem.